Deciding on a destination wedding was very daunting. My fiancé and I wanted to get married during the cooler months in Hong Kong, so we only had six months to plan. Despite the fact that I wanted to do things myself and be very hands on, I had to be realistic about the time I would have to fly back and forth from Manila. Nicole came very highly recommended by a family friend, and the moment I spoke to her on the phone I knew I was dealing with a professional. More / Less

Not only is she very aware of what is available to brides in terms of weddings, she is a very capable events coordinator for any type of event. I had the easiest time corresponding with her through various chat groups and e-mails, and she was extremely organized. Her taste is flawless, and I had no problem entrusting what we considered the most important aspects to her, such as wine tasting and DJ canvassing. Meeting her for the first time was like greeting an old friend! If she had been available to come to Manila, I would have even asked her to come to my fittings! I had begun to rely on her for so many things, and definitely formed such an emotional attachment! She is a wonderful girl who happens to have a perfection streak that co-mingles with warmth you do not often see in those involved in vigorous event planning. I was happy to see that we made a good team right away, and noticed that she was very good at providing options – something my fiancé loved about her from the beginning. Every time we thought we had seen all there was to see, from florists to patisseries, she had a fresh alternative! My friends and I call her our little black book! Not only did Nicole give us the exact wedding we were hoping for, she exceeded any expectations we could have had. I like to think that not only did we have such a beautiful weekend that we will always remember, we now made a really amazing friend in the process. Everyone keeps asking me how I managed to pull such a gem of a wedding off, and I easily tell them that if they have Nicole, they can run a country and conquer the world!

–       Stephanie

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Nicole is an incredible wedding planner! We have gotten so many amazing calls, emails, and texts on how spectacular our wedding was! And it truly was! Not only was everything gorgeous from the flowers, to the floral wedding arch, to the decor and lightning but I really feel like everyone had such a fun time celebrating with us as well! More / Less

Like most brides, I had some anxiety and stress leading up to the big day, but Nicole was always there for me to calm me down and assure me that everything was under control – and it always was! Our wedding was in Hong Kong but we live in the US and Nicole was always available and flexible with her hours even with the big time difference. Nicole is incredibly organized and professional and was able to execute my vision and recommend amazing creative ideas as well, while staying within our wedding budget.

I am so grateful to have had Nicole as a wedding planner – working with her was like having a best friend by your side, but also someone who is incredibly professional. She is a bride’s secret weapon! Thank you for guiding us and helping us through the entire process to help make our wedding the most memorable night of our lives!

–       Tiffany

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Simply wonderful to have Nicole there to guide the wedding party through the big day – every mini-crisis dealt with a calm, reassuring smile, every person gently reminded where to be when – took a huge amount of stress away from us so we could take a moment to enjoy ourselves knowing that the details and plans were unfolding the right way. Worth her weight in gold!

–       Jennifer

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